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University Efforts

Sustainable Carolina publishes reports and one-pagers explaining the University’s efforts to push sustainability forward.

Annual Sustainability Report

Climate Action Plan

The University updated its Climate Action Plan in 2021. Revisions are made frequently and are reflected in the 2021 Climate Action Plan below.

Green Events Guide

Greenhouse Gases: By the Numbers

Water Plan


Request a Campus Sustainability Tour


Individual Actions

Carolina Dining Services’ farmers’ markets gives students a chance to purchase local, in-season produce on campus.

During the school year, Sustainable Carolina invites students to participate in cleanups with our partners, UNC Environment, Health and Safety.

Students often ask our team, “What can I do?” While systemic change is a necessity in sustainability, especially as we confront climate change, individual actions have value. Individual actions can strengthen sustainability — check out our list below to see how you can change your daily habitats to live a more environmentally-friendly life.


  • Adjust your thermostat by at most 2° at a time.
  • Unplug battery chargers or power adapters when equipment is fully charged or disconnected from the charger.
  • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Raise blinds and turn off the lights when sufficient daylight is present to do work.
  • Check out the UNC Energy Management Energy Conservation page for more tips.
  • Consider different or alternative sources of protein and dairy.
  • Take a course in sustainable agriculture.
  • Source food locally.
  • Check out the Carolina Dining Services Sustainability page to stay informed.
  • Use digital rather than printed correspondence.
  • Reuse single-sided pages.
  • Purchase 100% recycled paper.
  • Cancel subscriptions to unused publications.
  • Consolidate ordering and trips.
  • Choose no-rush shipping.
  • Find the products you need with the closest origination.
  • Utilize telework, webinars, and online training/conferences in place of traveling.
  • Commute via rideshare, bus, bike, or walking. Check out the UNC Rideshare Program for information on carpooling to campus. Faculty, staff, and students who choose these options for commuting are rewarded through the Commuter Alternative Program.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Turn off water when brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Use cold water when washing clothes.