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Strategic Framework

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has worked for decades to integrate sustainability into its culture. Advances in operational efficiency, along with groundbreaking sustainability research and academic opportunities underpin our national recognition. UNC-Chapel Hill’s plans and resulting actions have led to positive outcomes around greenhouse gas, water and waste footprints. Achieving our aspirational goals requires the entire campus community to work within an innovative, collaborative structure. Through this strategic framework, we provide a plan to empower and cultivate a community committed to sustainability and innovation through goals that empower people, promote inclusivity and allow for collaboration in an equitable and accessible way.


Advance Carolina’s sustainability goals through collaborative partnerships across operations, academics and research.


Develop the hub where Carolina’s expertise and ingenuity fuel environmental, economic and societal sustainability.

Goals & Strategies

  • Collaboration with students, faculty, staff, administrators and our community to engage in a network of sustainable partnerships.
  • Guidance through multidisciplinary campus plans.
  • Assessment of sustainability progress.

Level: University

Strategy Examples: Climate Action PlanWater PlanSustainability ReportAASHE STARS Report

  • Campus sustainability metrics and insights to university stakeholders addressing challenges in their units and our communities.
  • Programs through which stakeholders may gain the tools and resources necessary to achieve their unit’s sustainability goals.

Level: Unit
Strategy Examples: Green Office & Green LabsChampion Sustainability Fund

  • Conception, delivery and support of robust educational experiences that empower students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to make sound decisions to achieve sustainable outcomes.
  • Opportunities to engage in sustainability activities through social media, website and newsletter.
  • Connection to sustainability researchers through networking and research translation.

Level: Individual
Strategy Examples: Field SitesCapstonesEcoStudio Internships


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