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Sustainable Carolina Podcast

On the Sustainable Carolina Podcast, we interview Carolina staff, students and faculty to learn about the intertwined nature of sustainability.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Greening Health Care, Generating Change

Guest: Julie Jacobson Vann (UNC School of Nursing)


Season 3, Episode 2: Exploring the Natural World and Accessible Science

Guest: Will Freund (Morehead Planetarium and Science Center)


Season 3, Episode 3: Showing Up for Local Climate Action

Guest: Ella Feathers (UNC Student Government Department of Environmental Affairs)


Season 3, Episode 4: Opening Doors and Data in Marine Science

Guest: Ileana Fenwick (Department of Earth and Marine Sciences)


Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Pursuing Sustainability Goals as a Collective

Guest: Mike Piehler (UNC Institute for the Environment)


Season 2, Episode 2: Understanding Climate Change Concerns and Eating Behaviors

Guests: Melissa Munn-Chernoff, Baiyu Qi, Emily Bulik-Sullivan (UNC Eco-Concern Study Team)


Season 2, Episode 3: Finding Your Research Interests

Guest: David Gorelick (Center on Financial Risk in Environmental Systems)


Season 2, Episode 4: Finding Your Research Interests

Guest: Peggy Mullin, Steve Yoon (Carolina Drone Lab)


Season 2, Episode 5: Powering Carolina’s Energy Transition

Guest: Melanie Elliott (Sustainable Carolina)


Season 2, Episode 6: Engaging Through the Energy Transition Initiative

Guest: Alex Hopkins (Energy Transition Initiative)


Season 2, Episode 7: Building Town-Gown Partnerships

Guest: John Richardson (Town of Chapel Hill)


Season 2, Bonus Episode 1: Infrastructure, Sustainability and Affordability

Guests: Greg Characklis (Center on Financial Risk in Environmental Systems); Hope Thomson & Delia Wegner (Environmental Finance Center)


Season 2, Bonus Episode 2: Urban Heat Island Effect & Climate Resilience

Guests: Xuewei Wang (Data-Driven EnviroLab) and Noah Kittner (UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health)


Season 2, Bonus Episode 3: Protecting Water Quality, Improving Air Quality

Guests: Megan Lane (UNC Center for Public Engagement with Science) and Sarav Arunachalam (Center for Environmental Modeling and Policy Development)


Season 2, Bonus Episode 4: Surface Waters and Underground Elements

Guests: Amanda DelVecchia (UNC Department of Geography and Environment) and Drew Coleman (Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences)



Season 1, Episode 1: Sustainability News with Chief Sustainability Officer Mike Piehler

Guest: Michael Piehler (UNC Institute for the Environment)