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Up next in the queue

Sustainable Carolina added a new tool to its messaging kit this summer as the team published its debut podcast episode.

The Sustainable Carolina Podcast will feature episode themes including news discussions and insights, guest interviews with members of the campus community and beyond, and technical deep dives on emerging and established sustainability technologies. Hosted by staff members, the podcast will be released on a monthly frequency with the goal of an even greater frequency as the semester kicks off. The podcast can be found on a variety of streaming services, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.


A new way to listen

The podcast is a fresh strategy in messaging and forming relationships within the Carolina Community and beyond, test-driven by the remote telecommunications campus has engaged in over previous months. The mission of the podcast is to bring together voices in sustainability from all over campus, and teleconferencing softwares has made this a safe and practical reality for a variety of stakeholders.

By keeping episodes short, at around a half hour, the team hopes to circulate a wide variety of topics to audiences. This also allows episode themes to be flexible and timely, reflecting current events and news closely. The format lets members of the professional sustainability staff and campus partners weigh in on developments, providing an authentic lens into campus sustainability happenings.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these conversations happened in-person through meetings and group gatherings, resulting in very effective messaging and relationship-forming, but with a limited audience. The conversation-based format of the podcast seeks to replicate this success but at a much larger scale, delivering sustainability messages to wide audiences.


Tune in for updates

This fall the team will feature its first interview guests from around campus, setting the stage for them to describe their efforts to further campus sustainability in their own words. Themes covered will include greenhouse gases, water, ongoing research, and new connections in sustainability within our community. The podcast will continue to grow and evolve as more episodes are produced, striving for professional releases that build a library of sustainability information over time.

To listen to the Sustainable Carolina Podcast, stream it through one of these free streaming services:

Spotify Google Podcasts Amazon Music Deezer Stitcher
Podcast Addict Podchaser Pocket Casts Listen Notes Player FM


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