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Carolina’s second Energy Transition Town Hall is Tuesday, November 21 from 12:30 – 2 pm in Toy Lounge, on the fourth floor of Dey Hall. The event is co-hosted by the UNC Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Carolina; Undergraduate Student Government Executive Branch, Department of Environmental Affairs; Graduate and Professional Student Government and its Climate Crisis Committee; and the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC).

The last Energy Transition Town Hall took place in January 2023. Attendees at the upcoming event can anticipate a continuation of January’s discussions. Speakers include:

  • Ella Feathers, Co-Director, UNC Undergraduate Student Government Executive Branch, Department of Environmental Affairs
  • Becca Segal, Co-Chair, Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee
  • Mike Piehler, Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Sustainability, Sustainable Carolina
  • Melanie Elliott, Sustainability Analyst, Sustainable Carolina
  • Alex Hopkins, Interim Director, Energy Transition Initiative

At the first Energy Transition Town Hall, Piehler discussed the University’s Climate Action Plan, the state of Duke Energy’s Green Source Advantage Program and the University’s continued work to meet the goals outlined in Executive Order 80.

Sustainability Analyst Melanie Elliott explained the district energy system, a complex network of underground pipes that carry steam, hot water and chilled water onto campus. Elliott also discussed the University’s cogeneration plant and projects that have made steam production at the plant more efficient.

Energy Transition Interim Director Alex Hopkins tied Piehler and Elliott’s points together by explaining how the University functions under the state’s policies.

This town hall will have a similar format to the first, with the first part of the event devoted to roundtable discussion. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions after the discussion.

Our recently released GHG: By the Numbers report may provide a good introduction for those planning to attend.

Students, staff, faculty and community members are invited to attend. Students in attendance can receive CLE credit. Light refreshments will be available.

For questions, contact Abigail Brewer at

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