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We are internationally known for our water conservation and reclamation projects. Because of our water conservation efforts, OWASA could delay building a new reservoir – keeping the entire community’s water rates stable.
Since 2007, UNC-Chapel Hill’s water use intensity (kgal/gsf) declined
Waste per capita has fallen approximately 1% per year since fiscal year 2002. We are currently diverting 47% of all campus waste from landfills. Our goal is to increase the diversion rate by recovering more of our waste through increased recycling, compost and reuse efforts.
27% Reduction 2001-2017
Since 2007, campus greenhouse gas emissions have steadily declined. This is due, in part, to improved energy efficiency and a reduction in the total amount of fuel burned. Our goal is to continue to improve energy efficiency on campus while we increase our use of renewable energy.
Since 2007, UNC’s GHG emission intensity (MTCO2e/gsf) declined

(Overall reduction of 21%)


  • Sierra Magazine Cool School 2017
  • Best Wrokplace for Commuters 2018
  • A A S H E Gold Star
  • Real food challenge