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Reconstituting rain, revitalizing rivers

May 16, 2016
Rainwater collected from the roofs of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Genome Sciences Building (GSB) drains into a 350,000-gallon, stone-filled cistern below the Bell Tower Amphitheater.

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University Signs Real Food Campus Commitment

May 4, 2016
Thanks to the efforts of the Fair, Local, Organic Food (FLO) student organization, Carolina Dining Services (CDS), and the Food for All steering committee, UNC has officially committed to increase fair, local, or organic food options in dining halls.

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A ‘holistic approach’

April 26, 2016
On April 26, Carolina showcased two of its most recent sustainability efforts with a visit to the Battle Grove Restoration Project and the signing of the Real Food Campus Commitment.

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UNC may set new environmental standards based on water goal

March 23, 2016
UNC announced a goal to become water neutral at the Board of Trustees’ January meeting — but the University is still figuring out what that means.

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UNC not coal-free by 2020, but hopefully greenhouse gas-neutral by 2050

March 21, 2016
After abandoning UNC’s pledge to be coal-free by 2020, UNC announced a goal to be greenhouse gas-neutral at a January Board of Trustees meeting.

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