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Click on the image to open a PDF version of our Green Resolution Guide.

As we begin to work toward our New Year’s Resolutions, we can’t forget sustainability. Our Green Resolution guide examines strategies within ten different areas for living more sustainably in 2023.

Energy Efficiency

  • Turn off lights and unplug battery chargers/adapters when not in use or when fully charged.
  • Adjust your thermostat by 2° at a time (at the most).
  • If you’re working near windows on a sunny day, keep the lights off and raise the blinds for natural light.
  • Take a look at UNC Energy Management’s tips.


  • Take shorter showers and turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Wash laundry on cold. This helps items last longer and is more energy efficient.


  • Invest in reusable dishes, water bottles, and coffee tumblers. 
  • Recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, and plastic tubs (#2, #4, #5)
  • Learn more about composting! Familiarize yourself with items that can be composted in the dining halls. Check out student-run CompostMates to see how they’re making a difference in the greater community.

Electronic Waste

  • Dispose of and recycle your old electronics properly. Bring them to an Orange County Solid Waste facility e-waste recycling or salvage shed.
  • If your old electronics still work, extend their life by passing it on to someone else. Departmental and surplus goods programs at Carolina give old electronics new homes, both inside and outside of the University.



  • Cancel subscriptions to publications you no longer read.
  • Use recycled paper; print double-sided or reuse single-sided pages.


  • Buy local or select products you need with the closest origin.
  • Consolidate ordering and trips.
  • When shopping online, avoid fast fashion sites and choose no-rush shipping when checking out.



  • Bike, bus, rideshare, or walk to your destination. In 2022, three electric buses joined Chapel Hill Transit’s fare-free fleet!
  • UNC Transportation and Parking offers a rideshare program and a Commuter Alternative Program (CAP).
  • Avoid unnecessary plane trips — take advantage of remote conferences, trainings, and webinars.

Campus Involvement

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