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Sustainable Carolina’s first-ever design competition is open for project submissions. Design a Device encourages students to communicate or demonstrate a sustainability concept through creation of an interactive, educational exhibit.

In the past, Sustainable Carolina has used the Blender Bike and Plastic Water Bottle Vending Machine to demonstrate sustainability concepts. The Blender Bike uses human power to turn a bike wheel, which in turn powers a smoothie blender. The Water Bottle Vending Machine demonstrates the everlasting nature of plastic — the user inserts a plastic water bottle, enters a year in the future, and the machine returns the water bottle in its original form.

To enter: Individual and group entries accepted. The submission form requires you to describe your design, what makes it interactive, and how it teaches a sustainability topic. Sketches and photos should be included, along with a list of materials that would be needed to actually create the project.

Prizes will be given to first, second, and third place winners of the competition. The submission period closes November 1 and winners will be announced December 1. 

For more information and to submit your project, visit the design contest webpage.

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