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Tailgating RecyclingWhen fans pack Kenan Stadium for football games this fall they will be participating in environmentally sustainable programs Athletics has implemented in support of the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative. With help from the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR), there will be free bags available for trash and recycling during tailgating, and inside the stadium, each trash bin has been paired with a recycling bin. Additionally, OWRR has worked with some vendors to compost their leftover and preparatory food waste.

One of the biggest changes this fall for fans, is the replacement of the aluminum bleachers with stadium chairs. In the off-season, Athletics partnered with the Procurement Office and Three Zeros to remove and recycle the aluminum at no additional cost to the University.

Athletics has also implemented water monsters for fans so they can refill water bottles at no additional charge, reducing the number of plastics bottles produced during each game, and helping fans stay hydrated.

“Improving the fan experience at Kenan Stadium by adding chairbacks throughout the stadium also gave Carolina Athletics the opportunity to add to the University’s sustainability efforts by recycling the aluminum bleachers – and we’re glad we were able to do that,” said Richie Grimsley, Assistant Director for Facility Planning and Management. “From LED lighting to low-flow fixtures, we’re always looking for ways we can support sustainable initiatives.”

Kenan Stadium’s infrastructure also supports Three Zeros. LED lights have been installed in the stadium, as well as many other athletic fields on campus, reducing the amount of energy used and saving money in the process.

There are also a number of improvements that Athletics has made in recent years to fields and facilities across campus. Low-flow fixtures in the bathrooms and locker rooms conserve water used by fans and athletes. Fields across campus, including Kenan Stadium, are irrigated with non-potable water and use moisture sensors so the fields are only watered when necessary and make the University and surrounding areas more drought-resistant year-round.

For more information about sustainable tailgating with your family and friends this football season, visit OWRR’s Athletics page.

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