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The challenge of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions to reach carbon neutrality and meet our Climate goals requires collaboration across all levels of Carolina. With ambitious plans for climate action also comes the need for funding. While most of the strategies and ideas outlined in this Climate Action Plan rely on decisions made at the institutional level, the individual behaviors that all members of the UNC Community will be the key to realizing our ambitions.

Opportunities to connect and collaborate on individual behavior change will continue to develop now and into the future, and Sustainable Carolina is committed to facilitating them through an open process. For ideas on the actions you can take to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable campus and an opportunity to leave your own idea for emissions reduction, please visit the “What Can I Do?” web page and leave a note through the feedback form.

By learning about the quantified emissions impacts that everyday choices have, communicating greenhouse messaging to peers, and staying aware of new tools that shrink greenhouse gas footprints, the Carolina community is moving forwards towards our new ambitious climate goals together.